A collection of interesting learning resources and tools I found.

What happens when

#learnings #networking

Ever wondered what goes on underneath when you search for something on Google?

7 Database paradigms


Use the right tool for the job

Arthur Chiao's Blog

#kubernetes #networking #cilium

Amazing collection of write-ups related to Cilium CNI

Did Kubernetes Make My p95s Worse? - Jian Cheung & Stephen Chan, Airbnb

#learnings #kubernetes #performance analysis

A reminder to not blindly jump onto flashy tech. Evaluate clearly whether a tool is really what you need

The documentation system

#learnings #documentation

Do you find yourself struggling to write a documentation? If yes, this is for you

Continuous Delivery Pipelines - How to Build Better Software Faster • Dave Farley • GOTO 2021

#infrastructure #release engineering

Insightful talk about some of the best practices when it comes to building and releasing software

Networking & Kubernetes

#recommended books #kubernetes #networking

Deep dive into Kubernetes networking stack. Highly recommended for those who no longer want to view networking as a blackbox.

Learning Go

#recommended books #golang

Collection of best practices when using Go

Linux x86 Program Start Up or - How the heck do we get to main()?

#linux #debug

For those who want to understand how programs get loaded under Linux


#blog #kubernetes

Pokedex for Kubernetes

Daniel Miessler Blog


Author of 2 incredibly detailed articles on tcpdump and lsof.

Julia Evans Blog

#linux #blog

Amazing blog belonging to publisher of Wizardzines. Plenty of articles on Linux and more.



Complicated topics packaged in a digestible format

Creating a simple kubernetes debug pod

#debug #kubernetes #tool

For moments when you wish you had a pod that isn't on an alpine diet

Simply Python Server

#debug #tool

A really simply Python server for debugging needs.

Visual subnet calculator

#networking #tool

No more wrecking your brain trying to visualize the subnets.

/lgtm - Kubectl with Eddie Zaneski


Useful for someone looking to contribute to Kubernetes.

Testing Alertmanager

#monitoring #alertmanager

This blog has some other interesting articles too.

MIT Computer Systems Security 1. Introduction, Threat Models

#linux #security

Channel also has lots of other very informative videos.

SREcon19 Asia/Pacific - Why Does My Monitoring Suck?


Amazing talk on application of Rumsfeld Quandrant in monitoring.

Unknown response + unknown detection = ALERT!

SREcon16 - Putting Together Great SRE Teams


What makes a great SRE team? Very insightful talk. Highly recommended.

Beej's Guide to Network Programming

#linux #networking

Really really deeeep dive into internals of networking.

SREcon19 Europe/Middle East/Africa - The SRE I Aspire to Be


Google's definition aside, what exactly is a SRE?

The Evolution of Distributed Systems on Kubernetes

#kubernetes #architecture

Modern distributed applications have needs around lifecycle, networking, binding, and state management that cloud-native platforms must provide.

Kubernetes has great support around lifecycle management but relies on other platforms using the sidecar and operator concepts to satisfy the networking, binding, and state management primitives.

Future distributed systems on Kubernetes will be composed of multiple runtimes where the business logic forms the core of the application, and sidecar “mecha” components offer powerful out-of-the-box distributed primitives.

This decoupled mecha architecture offers the benefits of cohesive units of business logic and improves day-2 operations, such as patching, upgrades, and long-term maintainability.

Monitorama BAL 2019 - Cory Watson - Dashboard Renaissance - How dashboards work and how to improve them


If you ever struggled with building an intuitive and understandable dashboard, this is for you.